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Parallel Parenting 

This High Conflict Diversion Program offers strategies for effective communication and negotiation for families experiencing divorce. Nearly one in three divorces results in high conflict leaving the children with no sense of safety.

High conflict and divorce classes, private coaching, and workshops!



Am I in a high-conflict divorce?  

Finding Balance out of Chaos, Changing for the Children


Studies show that twenty five to thirty percent of divorces can be referred to as High Conflict. Out of this group, as many as seventy percent of those divorcing have either a substance abuse problem or a personality disorder, (Narcissistic, Anti-Social, or Borderline Personality Disorder, for example) or other psychiatric problems such as Bipolar Disorder.


Our experience has shown us that one of the parents in a High Conflict divorce frequently has no intention of attending a conflict diversion program even if ordered by the court, and that if they do attend class, will do little to integrate the concepts of the class. 



Our High Conflict Diversion Program requires that only one parent understand and implement the strategies we teach. Even with changes incorporated by one parent, the conflict can be stopped. It should be noted that when substance abuse, personality disorders or other issues of this nature (such as a spouse who can't or won't disconnect) are involved, special and more individualized strategies are required. These are all incorporated into the curriculum and a major focus of the High Conflict Diversion Program.


The Goal


The goal of our High Conflict Diversion Program is to work with attorneys and counselors at the beginning of the divorce process (when possible), even prior to papers being filed, in order to identify the potential for High Conflict. Even if a parent (or parents) start the High Conflict Diversion Program after a High Conflict scenario has begun, strategies for resolution frequently succeed in shifting the dynamic away from conflict continuation.


The concepts and strategies we use are as follows:

1.    By starting early in the divorce process we can look out for potential red flags surrounding certain behaviors that will identify substance abuse issues, and other indicators that suggest that a High Conflict scenario may be present.


2.    By working with attorneys in the early stages of potentially High Conflict divorces, we will increase the probability of obtaining a settlement agreement before the proceedings collapse.


3.    We teach communication skills and help our students to identify and then responsibly avoid triggers that lead to conflict. These skills are not only helpful during the divorce and parenting, but are also highly useful in maintaining a better relationship with a new partner or spouse. These communication skills also help the attorney-client communication stay clear and on track.


4.    By helping students think outside the box, we help empower them to rely on their own inner resources, (as opposed to the court system), to remedy their situation.


5.    We help identify, both directly and indirectly, the belief patterns, triggers, coping mechanisms and survival strategies that prevent parents from accessing their capacity to disengage from a High Conflict divorce and move on with their lives.


6.    We teach centering and relaxation techniques to help students to calm down prior to, during, and after contact with a non-cooperative ex-spouse, depositions, meetings with attorneys, court appearances, and things of this nature.



The course is held for two hours per session for 12 weeks.   This allows adequate time to practice and master the concepts and methods. Goals are set by each participant. Problems and successes are shared in a warm supportive environment. This course is recommended for adults.


Divorce/Custody Coaching


Divorce and Custody issues are not just legal issues they are emotional issues that your attorney isn't likely to know how to handle and at hundred of dollars per hour you probably don't want them to. Further, though working with a therapist regarding the issues of divorce can help you understand what is happening emotionally, they most likely are not aware of the hidden pitfalls improper actions will have on your case. What you need is and experienced coach that can help avoid those common and often unseen pitfalls and help you understand exactly what you would like to achieve and how to best achieve your goals.


Learn how to be less reactive when dealing with the chaos and unpredictable behavior of the Family Court System not to mention that of your Ex.


We will help you solve problems in ways the other people you may be working with don't know how, don't have the time, experience or the level of expertise.


When going through divorce or custody, having a Coach will give you the knowledge and advantage you need.   When you look at the cost of divorce, you can't afford NOT to have the proper advice and counsel.  In addition to working with mediators, a Coach is a MUST!