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Redirecting Children's Behavior Course
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Most students can master what we have to teach them. It is the task of instruction to find the means which wil enable our students to master the subject under consideration. Our basic task is to determine what we mean by mastery of the subject and to search for methods and materials which enable the largest population at attain such mastery.  Ben Bloom

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Family and Parent

Redirecting Children's Behavior


Redirecting Child Behavior instruction is conducted in three-hour sessions, which allows for adequate time to practice and master the concepts and methods. Weeklygoals are set by each participant. Problems and successes are shared in a warm,supportive environment. This course is recommended for Parents of Toddlers to Teens.

                          Have Fun and Learn 101 Practical Skills To:

Build Self-Esteem

Eliminate Power Struggles

Discipline Without Yelling

Be Firm and Kind

Create an Encouraging Family

Develop Self Motivation

Feel Calmer and Enjoy Being a Parent

Develop Mutual RespectMinimize the Hassles, Tantrums and Tears

Respond Effectively vs. React Emotionally

Parenting Party

Parenting Party is a two hour group session of hands-on learning. You will learn more about yourself and why you relate to your children the way you do. Also learn:

- understand how your thoughts create your day-to-day family reality

- discover how your choices affect your overall relationship with your children

- explore ways to create more overall happiness in your family life and more.

Practical guidance tools and methods to achieve results!

Fun-ctioning Families

FUN-ctioning Families is held for two hours for 5 weeks. Children practice hands-on techniques through role play and group interaction that parallel the adult learning in Redirecting Child Behavior. Handouts support the activities and information. Each week includes fun-work to provide practice on the new learned techniques. This course is designed for Grade School to Teens.  Kids have fun learning practical skills to: 

- Accept Responsibility for their Action

- Develop Self-Control and Motivation

- Resolve Conflicts/Develop Mutual Respect

- Become a Proactive Confident Thinker

Parent Mentoring Program

For Your Child's Self-Esteem and Your Sanity!

Wouldn't it be great to have a live-in parenting coach to help you with the bickering, whining, not listening, homework, bedtime and chore battles? Now you can have the next best thing! Most parents not only want their child to "behave well" but they also want their children to be happy, self-reliant, be good at conflict resolution, a good listener, have self-control, be compassionate and understanding, responsible, cooperative, proactive, confident, a good team player and be resilient.

Participants will receive 24 lesson plans, two each week, with one personal call each week from Debra, to talk about the challenges and the successes each participant is experiencing, and how to most effectively apply the tools to everyday life.

You will learn parenting tools that not only stop their annoying behavior but more importantly, teach them vital life skills that they will use to become successful adults at work, with their spouse and their family.

Parent Teleseminars

Learn Proven Strategies for Increasing Your Effectiveness
Hot-button Topics Presented Weekly
7:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. PST Available Nationally
Dial in From Home, No Babysitters and No Driving

Parent Lecture Series

35 Talks and workshops are delivered in a 1 to 1.5 hours length session. Handout(s) are provided which supports the activities and information. Each contains information from the RCB course as well as other sources. Fun-work assignments provide practice on the new learned techniques. These talks and workshops are designed for parents, teachers, and the general public.


Parent coaching is a wonderful way to grow both as a parent and as an individual. It is a confidential place for you to explore your challenges and dreams. Your coach is someone who is highly qualified and dedicated to your success.

Teacher and Administrator

Redirecting for a Cooperative Classroom

Redirecting for a Cooperative Classroom sessions are held for two hours each. This is a dynamic course with the goal of teacher and student empowerment. Addressing behavior management issues, the course teaches techniques to create a peaceful classroom environment. Attempting to simply control student's behavior is not effective. Teaching students to become effective decision makers, accept responsibility, and cooperate with others is how they learn and grow into successful adults. This course is recommended for School Administrators of Toddlers to Teens.  Learn how to increase teaching time and student on-task behavior. 

Instructor Certification

Redirecting Children's Behavior

Every child will have a home where they are loved unconditionally, where their spirit is honored and nurtured, and where they are taught the power of love. Imagine being the catalyst who positively affect family dynamics.

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