Carter's Epiphany, the non-profit 501c3 organization of lifepoint provides underserved communities life skills scholarships encompassing parenting, health education, financial literacy and generational wealth.



We are a behavior learning resource, offering a range of learning settings, including seminars, retreats, workshops, on-line classes, individual instruction and in-home training, all designed to teach mastery of life challenges with insights for directed living!


Individuals formulate a new life vision, uplifting their spirit so they can fight to break the cycles and mentality of poverty and poor health that have challenged their families for generations. The true beneficiaries are the children within these families as the adults become better parents, families healthier, and the collective unit has a vision to help them strive beyond their current circumstances.


Carter's Epiphany is funded through grants from private and corporate donors. Our goal is to raise one million dollars to support military and inner city families, and underserved communities in reaching their true potential.


This overview is of the products, services and consulting we offer our intended target market. It's purpose is to provide background information for those seeking to grant donations and gifts to Carter's Epiphany.


Our mission is to inspire individuals, leaders, families and working professionals to gain new insights for directed living at this point in their lives. We do this in an invigorating and supportive environment that engages the mind, body and spirit that nurtures the building of strong, passionate, lively relationships forming the core of a happy, successful and emotionally fulfilled life.


Our vision is happy fulfilled lives. At the lifepoint learning center, we've developed educational programs that teach individuals how to successfully manage key life issues, such as health, money, relationships, parenting and more!


Our goals are to assist families to clear out obstacles in the communication so that they can experience deep connection; help them achieve things that they thought were impossible; show people their path, so that they can decide whether they want to follow it and making unconscious things conscious so that people will understand themselves better.


Eco-system Challenge: In these difficult times, feeling hopeful can seem like a challenge even for natural optimists. Many of us are facing tumultuous times as we struggle with life challenges during this economic downturn. Try to imagine how difficult it must be for families, particularly those that do not have the good fortune of quality employment and enhanced experiences to guide them through these times.


Evidence shows that social and economic conditions shape our environments. For children these conditions shape their home and classroom environments just as much as their school curriculum. Too often the continual struggle makes reaching their goals seemingly impossible.


Families need our program that addresses the entire eco-system of home, school, goals, economics, self-worth and valuation and interpersonal relationships.


You can help us change the fabric of generations to come by building families one at a time! 


Through Carter's Epiphany, you can make a difference in the lives of others!  


Your contribution is needed now more than ever to ensure that our program can further reach out to families in need. 

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