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Book - Granddaddy Says - 3C's for raising entitled children!
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lifepoint a divison of Carter-Kelly Consulting LLC is a behavior learning resource center for parents of young children, tweens and teens, teachers, health administrators and professionals.

We offer on-line classes and personal  instruction as well as articles, books, CDs, newsletters and in-home training to reinforce this fun, effective and success-oriented learning experience.

Our goal is to build strong, passionate, lively relationships and teams that fight to win through proven methodologies of success and generational wealth.  Retreats - small to medium businesses, public sector, non-profit, teams, organizations, couples and families.

 lifepoint Founders


lifepoint was founded by Debra Carter-Kelly and Kevin Kelly and is a division of Carter-Kelly Consulting LLC, a firm that specializes in life skills management and personal coaching.


Debra, CEO has a MA from the University of San Francisco in International Multicultural Education and is a Director for the International Network for Children and Families where she teaches Redirecting Behavior for Teachers, Parents, Students and Corporations.  


Kevin has an MBA from Golden Gate University and completed advanced executive education programs at the London School of Business, UC Berkeley, California Institute of Technology and UCLA. He is a Vice President of a multinational telecommunications company and brings his substantial business expertise and executive training skills to Carter-Kelly Consulting as its COO and director of its leadership and executive coaching courses.