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I'm often asked, “What’s the secret to a joyful family or relationship?” Each has its own recipe and distinct flavor. But the one key ingredient is love infused into everything, including discipline


lifepoint a divison of Carter-Kelly Consulting LLC is a behavior learning resource center for parents of young children, tweens and teens, teachers, health administrators and professionals. Our goal is to build strong, passionate, lively relationships and teams that fight to win through proven methodologies of success and generational wealth.  We offer on-line classes and personal  instruction as well as articles, books, CDs, newsletters and in-home training to reinforce this fun, effective and success-oriented learning experience.

lifepoint and Carter's Epiphany, the non-profit 501c3 organization provide underserved communities life skills scholarships encompassing parenting, health education, financial literacy and generational wealth. We are a behavior learning resource, offering a range of learning settings, including seminars, retreats, workshops, on-line classes, individual instruction and in-home training, all designed to teach mastery of life challenges with insights for directed living!  


lifepoint provide fresh parenting strategies designed for raising resilient children in this modern world. Individuals formulate a new life vision, uplifting their spirit so they can fight to break the cycles and mentality of poverty and poor health that have challenged their families for generations.  The true beneficiaries are the children within these families as the adults become better parents, families healthier, and the collective unit has a vision to help them strive beyond their current circumstances.

lifepoint programs are designed to be fun, effective and success-oriented learning experiences. Each course focuses on a specific area of everyday life. Our learning methodology teaches individuals ways to master the elements of each area so they can consciously direct their behavior toward their goals. We offer courses that explore self - individual behavior, family - family dynamics, and business - business challenges.  


 lifepoint Founders 


lifepoint was founded by Debra Carter-Kelly and Kevin Kelly and is a division of Carter-Kelly Consulting LLC, a firm that specializes in life skills management and personal coaching.


Debra, CEO has a MA from the University of San Francisco in International Multicultural Education and is a Director for the International Network for Children and Families where she teaches Redirecting Behavior for Teachers, Parents, Students and Corporations.  


Kevin has an MBA from Golden Gate University and completed advanced executive education programs at the London School of Business, UC Berkeley, California Institute of Technology and UCLA. He brings substantial business expertise and executive training to Carter-Kelly Consulting LLC as its COO and Director of  Leadership and Executive Coaching.

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